Things to know when dating a Japanese Women

//Things to know when dating a Japanese Women

Things to know when dating a Japanese Women

Japanese women are cute and if you are lucky enough to date them, you will get to know how different they are from the western women. But be prepared, their sensibilities, understanding and way of life is different from the west. It will take a lot of time, effort and patience to get to know them and date them. In this article, we will try to explain a few important things to know when dating a Japanese girl.

Culture: The Japanese culture differs greatly from the west. Their leanings are closers to the Chinese and other Asian cultures than Europe or America. As a result, their way of thinking is vastly different from ours. For example, words like “I Love You” do not have the same impact on a Japanese woman as it does on another English-speaking woman. Even in the English speaking Japanese women that word will not elicit a strong reaction. So randomly saying I love you to an acquaintance will not work. Even flirting does not work in the same way.

Conversations: Women have more control at home than men. Many foreigners realise that their Japanese wives control the all the finances of the family. The rules of dating are very different in Japan. If you try to hold hands or kiss in public, expect a strong reaction from the girl and people around. The Japanese culture is one of humility and has a strict moral code, especially in public. It is best to learn this even before you try to approach a girl.

Practical tips:

  1. Message often: Japanese girls gauge your interest by the number of texts they get from you. Line is the most popular messaging platform in the country. So get on it today and start messaging. You don’t have to send lengthy messages. Get creative and avoid the interview style of questioning. And always be mindful that your jokes may not get the same response from them because they may not understand the idioms, phrases and contexts so well. Always be prompt in your replies. They always consider delays disrespectful. This rule applies to everything in Japan.
  2. Listen: Japanese women love to talk, maybe even more than western women. This is good for you since you don’t have to think hard to come up with subjects for conversation. Be a good listener and agree with whatever she says. It may not make sense to you, but she will appreciate it.
  3. Be respectful: Feminism is not popular in Japan. But being respectful to others is one of the foremost rules in Japanese culture. So do not take your lady friend for granted. Respect her, even if she acts childish at times. If you act out of turn, expect even strangers to get involved to correct you.
  4. They will investigate you: Japanese women are looking for good husbands all the time. Dating has only one end goal in Japan. So don’t be surprised if they ask you private questions like how much earn, what kind of work you do etc. they are checking to see if you are a good husband material.
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