How to Date Korean women as a foreigner?

//How to Date Korean women as a foreigner?

How to Date Korean women as a foreigner?

As a foreigner in Korea, there are a few important things to know before you date Korean girl. Owing to the vast differences in cultures between the West and Asian countries, the ideas of dating, the perceptions and expectation are quite different. If you do not know these things, dating can be a very hard task rather than a fun, social interaction.

We will try to give your basics on what to expect when dating in Korea.

Koreans start dating only at the University level. School life is so hectic they never have time to date. Plus, most schools are either boys only or girls only institutions so the chances to socialise are minimal.

If you see a girl on the road and approach her, don’t expect her to give you her number. Korean men rarely approach women they do not know. So, Korean women are also not used to strangers approaching them. While a foreigner may get a number from an unknown girl occasionally in a hipster pub, it is not the norm.

Blind dates are common. Friends introduce a boy to a girl and set them up on blind dates. While the couple goes on their own date, they are first introduced in a group. If they like each other, they may arrange for a second date. Young Korean women and men prefer to trust in their friend’s choice than agree to meet total strangers.

So as a first act, get ready to make a lot of friends as they are the gateway to meet Korean women.

A solo act will not work in Korea.

As a white man, it is hard to get a Korean girl to agree to a date because they do not want to be considered ‘easy’. But if you are lucky enough to get know them, they are some of the sweetest girls in the world.

Korean women are possessive and may interrupt you many times in a day with calls and messages. Ignoring them or confronting them will only make them angrier. So be prepared to have a conversation about it before they start. Because once it starts, it does not end well.

If you are a good-looking Caucasian, they will suspect you of being a playboy. Even when you are dating a Korean girl, she will secretly suspect you of seeing other women and may give you a hard time. Until you are proven innocent, you are guilty of being a white playboy.

Do not look at other women while you are with her. Don’t give her a chance to suspect you by being slow to reply or missing phone calls.

The older Korean women who may be more open towards dating a foreigner see you as a way out of the traditional Korean society which has a strong patriarchal bias. Such women may have fantasies about you. Do not laugh at them if she shares her fantasies with you. It is hard for a Korean woman to open up to a foreigner.

No matter who you date, be polite and respectful and you will receive a lot of love in return.

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