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Typically, when you hear the two words ‘yellow fever’ you associate it with a disease affecting the liver and kidneys, turning you jaundice-yellow in color. Today, however, yellow fever more commonly refers to the growing fetish with Western men preferring Asian women.

In everyday life, you may not see the growing popularity, as cultural integration is more common than it used to be. However, a simple visit to a pornography website will show an abundance of Asian videos and Korean videos to satisfy those with ‘yellow fever.’

The sexual attraction is just the beginning, however. Why do Western men love Asian women? Is there a primary reason, or many? We uncover a few of the answers below.

Natural Beauty

Most young Asian women are naturally beautiful – without the need to pile on the makeup. Their milky skin is pure and clean, and they take pride in their appearance. If you view various Asian videos and Korean videos, you will see this is commonly the case. Pale, flawless skin and an elegant yet natural appearance can be a winning combination for an average Western man. What’s more, it can be a turn on in the bedroom while ticking all the boxes for many Western men’s Asian fetishes.


While many modern-day young Asian women dispute the fact, many men believe that Asian women are more loving and affectionate as a whole – and are more so once in the bedroom. While there’s no denying that Western women can offer this same affection, some men think that Asian women just do it better. Such is the stereotype that if you watch any Asian video or Korean video, you will find they act as though they adore their husband and cater to his every need.

Calm and Non-Aggressive

Most women are willing to fight back in an argument, call you out when you’re wrong, start a fight, and become vindictive and spiteful when provoked. While it’s not a naturally-born trait, it’s not a very attractive one in women. Western men seem to think that Asian women tend to be the complete opposite.

Unlike Western women, they aren’t strong-willed or stubborn and make a man feel like she needs him to protect her. In essence, Western men believe Asian women – such as those depicted in Asian videos and Korean videos – are damsels in distress that they need to save and protect.


Western men often develop Asian fantasies because Asian videos and Korean videos depict them as entirely submissive women who will carry out your every wish. While they are loving and adorable in home life, they are vixens in the bedroom, according to typical stereotypes. So, for many Western men, the very thought that taking an Asian wife could mean an entirely wild sex life often puts them on the path to Asian fetishes and seeking out that Asian wife.

Sexual Object

Asian fetishism involving Asian women can be so severe that men begin to see women – particularly those in Asian videos and Korean videos – as sexual objects. Rather than be someone in which they can form a relationship with and a deep connection, they are but a sex toy they can get to submit to their every need. While, of course, this scale of Asian fetishism is toward the extreme end, it still does exist. In fact, the number of Asian videos depicting such scenarios is also on the rise.

Good Cooks

If you’re a fan of Asian cuisine, then it’s obvious those of Asian descent can cook. Therefore, Western men tend to believe that if they become involved with an Asian woman, they will come home to Asian delicacies every night before having their woman submit to their every bedroom wish. While it’s true that the majority of Asian women can cook, not all of them can. So, your Asian fetish and fantasies may be just that – fantasies.

Not every Western man you see with an Asian woman is someone who has a fetish for them. In fact, with multicultural societies growing by the day, it’s a more common sight now than ever before. However, for those with an Asian fetish – be it a sexual one or otherwise, many of these things above are what they genuinely believe. Western men love Asian women, and it’s probably not going to change any time soon.

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